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NOTE: This pack contains custom sky colors, Randomobs and CTM.
Installation with MCPatcher is strongly recommended:

Download MCPatcher

The current version of the pack is up to date for Minecraft 1.7.2
Be sure to check back for future releases!


It's a jellyfish from hell!

Summon new friends!

Evils minions!

Tastes just like raisins!

Get your epic mount now!

Now, with designer saddlebags!

Sweet little pets!

Frosty the snowman!

Villains plotting your demise!

For all your farming needs!

Take this flower, or else!

Darn lizard infestation!

Meet the neighbors!

But wait, there is more!

Epic armor to craft!

Curious locales to explore!


  • Feel free to redistribute the file, if credited and left intact.
  • Feel free to feature the pack in videos and articles.
  • Feel free to edit for personal use only.
  • For any other uses, contact me first.


  • Ghast
  • Wither boss and Wither skeleton
  • All Overworld mobs
  • Some Randomobs support (requires MCPatcher)
  • Title panorama
  • All player armor sets
  • Some CTM support (requires MCPatcher)
  • Custom Color support (requires MCPatcher)
  • Custom biome coloring
  • Enderdragon
  • Ender sky and portal effect
  • GUI
  • Custom animated water and lava
  • Statistics icons
  • Precipitation
  • Default character skin
  • Icons
  • HUD
  • Terrain
  • Clouds
  • Celestial bodies
  • Vehicles
  • Particles
  • Underwater haze


  • Some remaining Nether dwellers
  • Paintings
  • Pumpkin blur
  • Custom portal and fire
  • Explosion
  • Logo