Making doll bases tutorial


Many people have asked me if I could write a basemaking tutorial... and well, here it is!

I tried to explain every step I take when I make bases, so this tutorial is a fairly long read. Because of that, I've broken it up into several chapters.

The first few chapters explain how to sketch the body for your doll base... on paper. If you already know how to draw, feel free to skip this part. If you don't know how to draw, or having difficulties with it, this is for you!

Chapter 1: Drawing the head

Chapter 2: Body proportions

Chapter 3: Posing the body


This chapter is about how lighting works. This is very, very important! It doesn't only apply to bases, but also to dolls in general.

Chapter 4: Lighting theory


The next three chapters are about turning your sketch into an actual base.

Chapter 5: Outlining

Chapter 6: Shading the body

Chapter 7: Making faces


And last but not least, how to present your bases to the world!

Chapter 8: Publishing your pretties


Note: This tutorial contains many pictures, all of which were made by me. They are meant as an example, so feel free to use them for reference. However, do NOT trace over them or copy them exactly to make your own stuff! Please respect the hard work I put into making this tutorial.